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Elizabeth and George Markham Tweddell.


Elizabeth and George Markham Tweddell

1824-1843 Early life - Elizabeth Cole.

1823-1843 Early life - George Tweddell.

1842-1844 George's first big assignment - a newspaper.

1843-1854 Marriage and the earliest publications,

1855-1860 Work amongst Lancashire's poor.

1860-1890 George's later publications.

c.1865 + Elizabeth enters the literary frame;

c.1875-1892 Staving off ruin.

1872-1892 George, the historian.

c.1870-c1885 The political activist - a historian making history.

1903 The declining years.



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Outlet - The Teesvalley has enjoyed a lively and groundbreakingcommunity based writing scene for over 25 years. This is named after OUTLET, the 80's magazine that took the Teesvalley literary underground - overground and set the ball rolling for an unprecedented explosion of writing and literary activity on Teesside and its surrounds.

Megson perform "Take Yourself A Wife" - The lyric (poem) & album title song below is by Stokesley 19th C poet Florence Cleveland (AKA Elizabeth Tweddell)





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